Bathroom Turn & Release Set - Dual Finish Satin & Polished Stainless Steel

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15503.1 - Turn & Release Set - Dual Finish - Satin & Polished Stainless Steel - Each
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  • Karcher Design bathroom snib turn and emergency release set - CEZ1332-BAD 73
  • A turn and release consists of two parts

    - A thumbturn which is fitted on the inside of the bathroom and is used to lock the door by twisting the snib a quarter turn to the left or right

    - A release which is fitted on the outside of the bathroom. In the event of an emergency the door can be opened by twisting a coin or screwdriver in the slotted part of the rose, allowing the door to be unlocked.

  • This turn and release set uses a 5mm x 5mm spindle (the metal shaft that goes through the door) to suit standard UK bath locks and deadbolts
  • Must be used in conjunction with a bathroom mortice lock or a mortice dead bolt 


  • Dual finish - satin and polished stainless steel


  • Rose Diameter - 52mm
  • Rose Depth - 10mm
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Item 15503
Item Code 15503
Finish Dual Finish - Polished & Satin Stainless Steel
Dimensions 52mm Diameter
Sold Per Set
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