Guardian Door Knobset - Conical Shape Design - (Entrance / Passage / Privacy Options) - Polished Brass Plated

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31164.3 - Guardian Door Knobset - Passage Set - Polished Brass - Pair (Including Latch)
£20.86 £17.38

Per Pair
31164.2 - Guardian Door Knobset - Privacy Set - Polished Brass - Pair (Including Latch)
£22.61 £18.84

Per Pair
31164.1 - Guardian Door Knobset - Entrance Set - Polished Brass - Pair (Including Latch)
£24.34 £20.28

Per Pair
  • The Guardian range of door knobs are a contract quality knobset with a polished brass plated finish.
  • Traditional conical shape design.
  • This range of door knobs is supplied with an adjustable tubular latch with a backset between 60-70mm.
  • Ideal for replacing and retro-fitting the Weiser and ERA range of door knobs.
  • Please note to fit this range of door knobs a large 54mm diameter hole must be drilled into the face of the door.


  • Polished brass plated - (shiny finish).


Options Available

  • Guardian passage knobset - A plain set of door knobs with no locking function, ideal for use in living rooms, kitchens and any internal door that doesn't need to be locked.
  • Guardian Privacy Knobset - Designed for use on bathroom doors, toilet doors and WC's these door knobs have a thumturn knob built into the middle of the inside handle, this allows the door to be locked and unlocked from the inside simply by twisting the knob through 90 degrees. In case of an emergency the door can be locked from the outside by simply inserting the supplied small pin into a hole of the outside handle.
  • Guardian Entrance Door Knobset - A set of door knobs with integrated key lock positioned in the centre of the outside handle. Inserting the key into the middle of the knob allows you to lock and unlock the door. From the inside a simple thumturn is located in the middle of the handle, twisting this knob also allows the door to be locked and unlocked.


  • Backplate (Fixing Rose) - 65mm Diameter
  • Projection From Door - 75mm
  • Hole Diameter Required (Drilled Into Face Of Door) - 54mm Diameter
  • Tubular Latch Depth - 85mm
  • Tubular Latch Backset - 60mm - 70mm (Adjustable)
  • Spindle Size - 7.5mm x 7.5mm (Square)
  • Fixing Bolt Centres - 40mm

Diagram showing dimensions of the Guardian door knobset Diagram showing the drilling requirements for the Bala and Guardian door knobsets

Sold Per

  • Sold in pairs (two door knobs) and supplied with adjustable tubular latch.
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Item 31164
Item Code 31164
Finish Polished Brass Plated
Sold Per Pair - (Two Door Knobs) - Supplied With Adjustable Tubular Latch.
Availability Non stock product - please allow 3-7 days for delivery
Non stock product - please allow 3-7 days for delivery
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