Digital Smart Lock - Mobile/ Key/ RFID Card Operated - Satin Stainless Steel

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44316.1 - Digital Smart Lock - Mobile/ Key/ RFID Card Operated - Satin Stainless Steel - Kit
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Smart locks get smarter. The smart lock offers the Codelocks smart lock features but in a smaller, sleeker model. 

The smart lock combines smart technology with traditional keypad and card access options suitable for a wide range of applications, from building managers to home rental owners. Utilising Codelocks NetCode technology, the locks offer flexibility and convenience that enable businesses to recognise new levels of convenient access control without compromising on security.

Operate and manage locks directly via the keypad or via a compatible smartphone by downloading the K3 Connect App. Program locks via your smartphone, generate and send codes for easy access, issue smart cards for alternative entry, track and control with audit trail.

Code Card Phone

The smart lock provides flexibility and convenience by providing a range of access methods allowing you to choose the most suitable entry method for your application. Allow clients access via a simple code, allocate and register a MIFARE® compatible card or send an invitation to their phone.


Generate and send time-sensitive codes to end users using the K3 App or NetCode portal. Set codes for a specific start date and time and that automatically expire after a set duration. Additional features include blocking NetCodes and setting Flexi NetCodes.

What Is NetCode?

NetCode is the smart way to generate time-sensitive codes which can allow temporary access via the Codelocks API, the K3 Connect App or through the online NetCode portal. Set codes for a specific date, time and duration. Send codes via email or SMS, the code will not work outside a designated timeslot. Using time-sensitive codes is a more secure way to grant access as the code will not work outside a designated timeslot. Issue codes to visiting service engineers, delivery personnel and short/medium-term locker rental. Additional charges apply - Buy SMS credits from the smart lock to enable sending of NetCodes via SMS straight to mobiles.

Types Of NetCode

  • Short-term single-use codes
    Duration: 1 to 12 hours and 1 to 7 days
  • Short-term multi-use codes
    Duration: 1 to 12 hours and 1 to 7 days
  • Medium-term codes
    Duration: 1 to 21 days
  • Long-term codes
    Duration: Codes required for more than 21 days
  • Codes that expire on a particular date

Additional NetCode Features

  • New NetCode Blocks Previous NetCode
    This feature automatically blocks the last used NetCode when a new NetCode is entered
  • Personal User Code
    Allow a NetCode user to create a personal 4 digit number that retains the same validity period as their originally located NetCode.
  • Block a NetCode
    Block a NetCode directly on the lock using either the Master Code or another valid NetCode.
  • Mode Restrictions
    Choose which type of NetCode to support. This is a useful feature if the number of potentially available NetCodes needs to be reduced.
  • Flexi NetCode
    NetCodes operate from a specific date and time, however with the feature you can set a grace period of up to 15 minutes either side of the NetCode time set. This is useful for bookings to allow a little flexibility on the code time period.

Controlled Code Free 

Set the lock into Code Free mode at fixed times of the day, reducing administration time and allowing users open access.

Audit Trail 

Keep track on when and where the lock was accessed. Download and view the full lock audit trail data.


  • Up to 350 Users
  • 100 Phone Clients
  • 100 Client User Codes
  • 150 Client Smart Cards
  • 12 button back-lit keypad
  • Keyless entry - no lost keys
  • NetCode generation technology
  • Set up to 10 Code Free access periods
  • Suspend and Restore any or all Clients
  • Mortice Latch and Mortice Lock available
  • Keypad indicates locked / unlocked status
  • Tamper time out and low battery warning
  • Manage and operate locks via smartphone
  • Personal wireless connectivity for management
  • Auxiliary Connections enabling four different modes of operation

Manage with the K3 Connect App

The locks can be managed with the K3 Connect App by any Bluetooth™ compatible smartphone. The App is available on Apple App Store for Apple devices or Google Play™ for Android™ devices by searching for K3 Connect.

Key Features

  • Body Material:  Zinc Alloy
  • Buttons:  12 back-lit keypad
  • Code free option:  Set up to 10 Code Free access periods
  • Door thickness:  35mm - 60mm (1 3/8" - 2 3/8")
  • Finish:  Brushed steel
  • Keying alike:  Locks can be keyed alike on request
  • Key override:  Yes
  • Non handed:  Lock will fit doors hung on the left or right
  • Power:  4 x AA cells
  • Spindle type:  8mm (5/16") spring loaded spindle
  • Suitable for:  Internal and external use
  • Type:  Mortice Latch
  • NetCode:  6 digit
  • Audit Trail:  Yes
  • PC Programming:  Yes
  • Client User Codes:  100
  • Client Smart Cards:  150
  • Phone Clients:  100
  • Smartphone App:  Yes
  • Supporting Cards:  MIFARE smart cards

Important Info Before You Buy

    • Fire intumescent packs sold separately
    • Additional cards sold separately
    • Include fixings
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    Item 44316
    Item Code 44316
    Finish Satin Stainless Steel
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    Non stock product - please allow 3-7 days for delivery
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