Euro Profile Cylinders

  • Our range of Euro profile cylinders available in several different finishes.
  • Designs include key both sides, key with thumb turn on the inside, bathroom cylinder, and a single half cylinder option ideal for cupboards and entrance doors.
  • We offer four levels of security including:
  • The entry level 5 pin system is ideal for use on internal doors where only a low security system is required.
  • Our MpX6 high level security range of cylinders are anti snap and BS kite marked to TS 007 2012 rated to 1 star. Designed for use on external doors including timber and uPVC front and back doors. This range of high security cylinders are designed to help stop against snapping techniques used by burglars.
  • The MP10 range of Euro profile cylinders are tested to BS EN 1303 and are ideal for use with master key systems thanks to the 10 pin configuration.
  • Our top of the range MP15 cylinders have a restricted and patented design key section and come supplied with an owner security card so that duplicate / copy keys can only be cut once the owner registration card has been presented for even greater security.