Door Restrictors And Holders

  • Our selection of door holders and door restrictors include:
  • Cabin hooks are long pivoting arms with a shaped hook on the end. The arm is fitted to the wall and an eye piece is fitted to the back of the door. Cabin hooks are used to hold a door open and are commonly used on external doors including back doors and French windows.
  • Foot operated door holders are fitted to the bottom of a door they have a plunger with a rubber foot, when the plunger is pushed down by a foot the door will be held open in position.
  • We also stock, hold open magnets which can be floor or wall mounted. Free standing door weights, portable door stops and architectural quality, designer door wedges.
  • Our range of door restrictors include a top jamb / frame mounted option which can also be used as a door stop as well as surface mounted and concealed mounted door restrictors all of which can limit the opening angle of a door to 90 degrees.
  • The Dorgard acoustic fire door retainers are battery operated wire-free systems, these hold open devices are fitted to the bottom of a fire door, and are operated via a foot plunger. When pushed down the door will hold open in position. 
  • The Dorgard listens for a continuous fire alarm sound level of over 65 decibels, after approximately 14 seconds the Dorgard will release, allowing the fire door to close under the pressure of the overhead door closer.