Front Door Fittings

Our Front Door Fittings Collection

At G Johns & Sons, we provide a broad range of front door fittings, where functionality meets style to create a seamless and inviting entryway experience. We have a variety of front door hardware & accessories such as front door locks, cylinder pulls, keyhole covers, and more!

Our Front Door Fittings Collection Includes

  • We have a large selection of front door fittings, and entrance door ironmongery in various finishes including, brass, bronze finish, antique, stainless steel, polished chrome, satin chrome, polished nickel, pewter effect and more!
  • Our range of front door furniture includes:
    Letter plates, letter boxes and internal letter tides, flaps and security hood cowls. Available in a range of sizes from a small 200mm size up to letter plates suitable for taking A4 paper and bigger.
  • We have door knockers from traditional urn designs, ring knockers, and doctors' styles, we also have a great range of modern designs including a square shape stainless steel design from Karcher.
  • Centre door knobs are handles fitted in the middle of a front door which not only helps you to pull the door closed, it also adds a nice design feature, options include round and square shapes in small and large patterns.
  • Within our front door fittings, we have a security items category that has excellent additional security products for the front door including spy hole door viewers, door chains and hinge bolts.
  • The doorbell category has a range of wire-free and hard-wired door chimes, while the bell push category has all the buttons for the outside of the door.
    Our selection of weather seals is ideal for sealing gaps around the bottom and sides of the front door to help prevent draught and rain from entering the house.

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