Lever Handles On A Back Plate

Our large range of door handles on a back plate and door knob backplates are ideal for those looking for a traditional design or require a plate to cover any old marks left on the door from existing door furniture.

Most of our door handles on a plate are available in the following options:

  • Lever latch set - plain back plates with no locking facility this option is used on non locking doors, latch only doors.
  • Lever lock set - this option have key holes cut into the plate allowing them to be used in conjunction with a standard key operated lock.
  • Euro profile set - The Euro profile option has a much larger key hole shape cut into the plate and is designed to be used with Euro profile cylinders only.
  • Bathroom set - For use on toilets, WC's, shower rooms and bathrooms back plate design has a thumb-turn built into one side which allows you to lock and unlock the door. From the outside the door can be unlocked thanks to a small release button that can be operated via a coin or screwdriver.