Door Signs & Fire Exit Signage

  • Our selection of door signs include:
  • Pictogram symbols for bathroom and toilet doors which include male, female, unisex, disabled, baby change and shower signs available in polished brass, satin stainless steel or polished stainless steel. We also stock a range of designer "cut out" symbols from Karcher Design which are ideal for use in restaurants, salons and spa's
  • Our range of fire exit signage is green and white and available in three sizes 300mm x 100mm, 450mm x 150mm and 600mm x 200mm available with directional arrows that point up, down, left, right and in diagonal directions, these signs are also available in photoluminescent options which glow in the dark, these signs are made from 1.2mm thick rigid plastic and are used to guide building users to nearest available fire escape door or fire exit.
  • For fire doors our range of mandatory door signs have blue backgrounds with white text, they are circular and measure 76mm in diameter. This range of signage meet the safety signs and signals regulations - BS 5499-1. Options available include:
  • Fire Door Keep Shut - (FDKS) which are for use on corridor and room doors.
  • Fire Door Keep Closed - (FDKL) which are used on cupboard door and electrical intake doors.
  • Automatic Fire Door Keep Clear - for use on doors with hold open magnets, or automatic door operators.
  • Fire Escape Keep Clear - for use on fire exit and escape doors.