Blum Style Kitchen Cabinet Hinge - With Built In Soft Close - To Suit 18mm Thick Inset Doors

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20271.1 - Concealed Blum Style Hinge - With Built In Soft Close - To Suit 18mm Thick Inset Doors - Zinc Plated - (1 Hinge)
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Per Each - (1 Hinge)
  • High quality concealed blum style inset kitchen cabinet hinge, with built in soft close mechanism and 3 way adjustable clip on mounting plate.
  • For use with doors that inlay within the carcass only. (Inset doors sit inside the cupboard door frame.)
  • High architectural quality "clip on" design with built in soft closing device. No more slamming cupboard doors, just a gentle push and the cabinet door will self close coming to a controlled soft stop.
  • 3 way adjust-ability the door can be adjusted vertically (moving the door up and down) - horizontally (moving the door side to side) - in and out (moving the door from or towards the carcass)
  • Heavy duty - this hinge has been tested and passed to BS 6222-22009 test level H suitable for use in high or heavy use areas.
  • Sprung hinge - keeps door held closed no need for any kind of cupboard catch.
  • Standard 35mm diameter cup. with 100 degree opening angle
  • Comes supplied adjustable clip on mounting plate.

Suitable For Use On Inset Style Doors Only

  • Inset hinge suitable for doors that sit within the cabinet carcass.
  • Below diagram shows how an inset hinge is fitted. - (Notice how the door sits in inside cupboard frame.)

Diagram Showing How The Inset FTD Concealed Blum Style Hinge Are Fitted To Inset Style Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Clip On Design

  • This hinge comes supplied with an adjustable clip on mounting plate, which allows the door to be fully adjusted and then quickly removed by simply pushing a small button at the very tip of the hinge.
  • Below diagram shows how the concealed blum style hinge clips on and off from the mounting plate.

Diagram Showing How The FTD Concealed Blum Style Hinge Clips On And Off From It's Mounting Plate

Base Material

  • Made from steel.

Finish Details

  • Bright zinc plated.

3 Way Adjustable Hinge

  • This inset hinge can be adjusted in 3 directions. - (see below diagram.)
  • Lateral adjustment - turning the screw nearest to cup allows the door to move side to side with a total movement of 5mm possible.
  • Front to back adjustment - turning the screw at the tip of the hinge adjusts the door away from or toward the carcass with a total movement of 3.5mm possible.
  • Vertical adjustment - turning the cam operated screw on the mounting plate adjusts the height the of the door up and down with a total movement of 4mm possible.

Diagram Showing How The Inset FTD Concealed Blum Style Hinges Can Be Adjusted

Size Details

  • Standard 35mm diameter cup. (Hole diameter required to be drilled into the door.)
  • 100 Degree opening angle.

Unit Of Sale

  • The inset concealed blum style cabinet hinge is sold individually. - (Each)
  • Comes supplied with adjustable clip on mounting plate and  screws to suit 18mm thick door and carcass.
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Item 20271
Item Code 20271
Finish Zinc Plated
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