Antique Brass - (AB)

Antique Brass Antique Brass


What colour is Antique Brass?

Antique Brass is a dark brown colour with a slight golden tint and visible brush marks in the surface. Antique Brass is an applied finish used to give brass items an aged, tarnished look.


Are there any other colours similar to Antique Brass?

Yes if you can’t find the item you are looking for in Antique Brass, the next closest option is Florentine Bronze


  Antique Brass

Antique Brass


Florentine Bronza

Florentine Bronze

 As you can see from the images above Antique Brass is a slightly darker finish then Florentine Bronze


What Are Antique Brass products made from?

Usually Antique Brass items will be made from solid brass, there are some exceptions such as some hinges and cabinet handles which are being made from stainless steel, Zinc alloy or Mazac. These products have an Antique Brass effect applied to them. Please check individual products to see what base material they are made from.


How is the Antique Brass finish produced?

A Polished Brass item is taken and satinised (“brushed”) during the final part of production using a satin wheel to give a brushed look to the product. The satin item is then usually dipped or coated in a liquid that causes the brass to false age, turning the brass a dark brown colour. A high quality clear lacquer is then applied to help protect and maintain the finish.


Are all Antique Brass items the same colour and pattern?

No, due to the process of satinising and then individually aging each item, every antique brass item will have a slightly different brushed pattern and colouring, this is designed to add to the charm of the antique finish.


Are Antique Brass products suitable for outside use?

Yes since most of the Antique Brass items are made from solid brass which is a non-ferrous alloy (it contains no iron) Antique Brass products will not rust when fitted outside. However the lacquer coating will eventually breakdown.


Are all your Antique Brass products lacquered?

Yes all of our Antique Brass products (unless otherwise stated) are lacquered.


Can you preserve the lacquer?

Yes regular cleaning to remove dirt, finger prints and watermarks, with a wax based furniture polish such as beeswax, “Mr Sheen” or “Pledge” will help preserve the lacquer finish for as long as possible.


What happens when the lacquer starts to breakdown?

The brass will now start to become exposed to the air and will start to oxidise, eventually the antique brass finish will become even darker.


Can you buy non-lacquered Antique Brass products?

Yes, if you want to be able to polish your Antique Brass items or would like the finish to oxidise and tarnish even further naturally for an authentic aged look. Please contact us for details of these products. 


How to clean and maintain Antique Brass products

Antique Brass products are protected by an advanced lacquer and under normal circumstances should give many years of service. Antique Brass products should be cleaned regularly with a soft cloth and wiped over with a wax based furniture polish ideally a beeswax, but products like “Pledge” and “Mr Sheen” work well too. Regular cleaning with furniture polish will help protect and maintain the lacquer.

Do not use any form of metal cleaner on new Antique Brass products as this will damage the lacquer.


What products are available in Antique Brass?

Antique Brass is becoming a very popular mainstream finish products include:

  • Front door furniture
  • Door handles
  • Mortice door knobs
  • Hinges
  • Window furniture
  • Cabinet handles and cupboard knobs
  • Locks and latches
  • General accessories