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A Guide to Parliament Hinges

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How Many Hinges Should a Fire Door Have?

The vast majority of doors in the UK are tested with 3 hinges installed. The first hinge is fitted  250mm from the top, the second hinge 250mm from the bottom and the third hinge fitted in the middle of the door. 

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How to fit Stormproof Hinges

Stormproof hinges are a butt-style hinge commonly used on traditional-style windows to help with weatherproofing. They have 90-degree cranked leaves which help minimise the gap between the window and the frame, thereby protecting the window against the potential damage posed by inclement weather. 

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What is Architectural Ironmongery

Architectural ironmongery refers to the door and window hardware used in the construction and furnishing of buildings. It includes a wide range of items such as door handles, locks, hinges, and door closers that are used to secure and operate doors and windows.

One of the main purposes of architectural ironmongery is to provide a functional and aesthetically pleasing finish to a project. However, it also plays a crucial role in ensuring the security, fire safety and means of escape within a building.

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Eclisse Sliding Pocket Door Kit Fitted With Black Architrave
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See how these Eclisse sliding pocket door kits will revolutionise your space

At GJohns & Sons we get a lot of interest in our internal sliding door kits. As well as being a stylish addition to any interior they also have the extra benefit of reclaiming that dead space in rooms, which people cannot use because of the way traditional doors operate. Being based in London, where space is at an absolute premium, it’s no wonder so many of our customers are interested in this fantastic product.

Recent Project at Basset Down Golf Club - The Matt Black Collection