Contemporary Design Door Handles With Rounded Shape Backplates - Dual Finish Polished & Satin Chrome

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20063.1 - Contemporary Mitred Door Handles - Lock Set - Dual Finish - Polished & Satin Chrome - Pair
£24.84 £20.70

Per Pair
20063.2 - Contemporary Mitred Door Handles - Latch Set - Dual Finish - Polished & Satin Chrome - Pair
£24.84 £20.70

Per Pair
20063.3 - Contemporary Mitred Door Handles - Bathroom Set - Dual Finish - Polished & Satin Chrome - Pair
£27.34 £22.78

Per Pair
  • These contemporary backplate door handles  are a modern design lever handle with a polished chrome backplate and a satin chrome lever.
  • Rounded backplate with tubular shape lever and a mitred design design neck.

Plate Styles Available

  • Lever Latch Set - (Plain Plates)

Example of a lever latch set

  • Lever Lock Set - (Plates With Key Holes)

Example of a  lever lock set

  • Bathroom Lever Set - (With Turn & Emergency Release)

Example of a bathroom turn and release lever set

Base Material

  • Made from solid brass.

Finish Details

  • Dual finish - polished chrome plated to produce a shiny mirror like finish and satin chrome (satin chrome is dull brushed finish).


  • Both levers are sprung to ensure the lever always returns to its starting position

Back Plate Size

  • 185mm x 39mm

Spindle Size

  • 8mm x 8mm square - UK Standard.


  • Comes supplied with matching wood screws and spindle.
  • Grub screw fitting to spindle for extra strength.


  • Suitable for domestic or light commercial use.
  • Suitable for internal or external use.

Unit Of Sale

  • Sold in pairs.
  • (One pair consists of 1x left hand and 1x right hand)
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Item 20063
Item Code 20063
Finish Dual Finish - Polished & Satin Chrome
Dimensions 185mm x 39mm
Sold Per Pair
Availability To Order (2 - 5 Days)
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