Internal Flap Letter Plate Tidy - Polished Brass - Four Sizes

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15059.2 - Internal Flap Letter Tidy - Polished Brass - 280mm x 76mm - Each
£11.76 £9.80

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15059.1 - Internal Flap Letter Tidy - Polished Brass - 300mm x 95mm - Each
£13.80 £11.50

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15059.3 - Internal Flap Letter Tidy - Polished Brass - 355mm x 127mm - Each
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15059.4 - Internal Flap Letter Tidy - Polished Brass - 405mm x 125mm - Each
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  • Internal flap for the inside of a front door.
  • This plate is designed to cover the hole made by fitting a letter box into a front door.
  • Known as a letter plate tidy as it tidies up the appearance of the inside of the door.
  • Helps to cut down on draught coming through the letter plate and helps to stop people looking through hole.
  • Available in four sizes

15059.2 -280mm x 76mm

15059.1 - 300mm x 95mm

15059.3 - 355mm x 127mm

15059.4 - 405mm x 125mm


  • Polished brass


Available in four sizes

Item CodeLength (A)Height (B)Depth (C)
15059.2 280mm 76mm 12mm
15059.1 300mm 95mm 12mm
15059.3 355mm 127mm 12mm
15059.4 405mm 125mm 12mm

Diagram-Showing Dimensions Of The Internal Flap Letter Plate Tidy

  • Designed to cover the hole on the inside of the front door where the letter plate has been cut out for.
  • Letter tidy plates have a curved shape which allows them to sit on top of the fixing bolts and domed nuts used to secure a letter plate in place.
  • Screw fixes to the back of the front independently of the letter plate.

Diagram Showing How The Internal Flap Letter Plate Tidy Is Fitted

  • Comes supplied with fixing screws and two brackets hanging brackets.
  • For the right size letter tidy - Make a note of the distance between the bolt centers of your letter plate and the height of the aperture. Choose a letter tidy that is slightly longer and higher to make sure you cover the hole and bolts in the door
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